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 Naturopathic Medicine Partner

Looking for an alternative natural healing provider? We are partnering with Naturopath, Dr. Marjorie Forbes, to offer services that may interest you and your family. Please contact Dr. Marjory Forbes directly at (609) 510-5633 or visit for details and to schedule an appointment.

• Naturopathic wellness visits
• Detox counseling
• Nutritional counseling
• Cannabis education and counseling

• Ear candeling
• Spiritual counseling
• Energy healing for trauma and sexual abuse
• Handmade tinctures, salves, soaps, CBD products, room sprays & more!

Dr. Marjorie Forbes, ND, CERTH

Dr. Marjorie Forbes has over 25 years of herbal studies and recently finished her doctorate in naturopathic medicine and cannabis education. She has studied with Tibetan Monks from India and hosted them in the U.S. Dr. Forbes had a women’s spiritual retreat center for over 15 years, teaching people many different healing practices and naturopathic counseling.

Naturopathic Medicine is her passion. Her oldest daughter had a condition from birth that conventional doctors gave her a high mortality rate. As a mother that was unacceptable, so she started looking into other ways to help her. That’s when Dr. Forbes found her calling. She has a very diverse background in many healing modalities, you name it and she probably has a certificate in it! She is always learning and gaining new knowledge. As a Medical Marijuana patient herself, she believes in its healing properties. Dr. Forbes truly believes we all need a balance with natural and conventional medicine. We need to get WELL as a species by working on our immune system, eating better, working out, and loving ourselves. We need to be healthy mind, body and soul. There are many options to start out slow and see if naturopath medicine is a fit for you and your family.
Dr. Marjorie Forbes also has LunaSol Farm where she and her partner are fixing up a 1800’s farm. They offer spiritual and wellness retreats. When not tending to the farm and animals, they run New Beginnings Food Pantry out of the farm. They feed local homeless and low income. For more info, go to or

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She can be reached at (609) 510-5633 or to make an appointment today!

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